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Results 15.04: Notre Dame on fire and Savchenko is free

In Notre Dame de Paris there was a fire: Nadezhda Savchenko was released. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
Near Kiev near Zelensky's house detained killers Near the house of one of candidates for president of Ukraine the police detained group of the armed men preparing attempt "from motives of revenge", the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the adviser to the Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko reported. According to him, malefactors converted the jeep into peculiar "cart", having established instead of back seats the DShK large-caliber machine gun, with lethal range more than 3 km. They expected the victim in the forest near the road to the cottage settlement the Pearl of Italy. According to media, in this settlement there is a house of the candidate for president, showman Vladimir Zelensky. Savchenko was released Brovarsky the gorrayonny court decided to let out from custody the People's Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko and the ex-head of the Center of release of prisoners "The officer case" Vladimir Ruban.

On the night of April 16 expired the next term of contents them under arrest. The court did not manage to consider the petition of prosecutor's office about arrest extensions in time therefore defendants were released. The judgment in the conference hall was met by Video applause: The In Paris the cathedral Notre Dame In the well-known Notre Dame de Paris burned down there was a fire. Completely the roof, the spire established in the 19th century, columns in a nave and hours collapsed. From the burning Notre Dame were in time took out the Crown of thorns which was put on on Jesus Christ назадолго to a crucifixion. Firefighters managed to put out fire. Bearing structures of cathedral survived. As a result of fire extinguishing one firefighter suffered. The prosecutor's office considers that ignition happened on the construction forests located at a roof of cathedral. Investigation is conducted. Fund raising on restoration of Notre Dame is announced. The ex-people's deputy Kryuchkov extradited to Ukraine was detained At the international airport Boryspil detained the chairman of the board CIAO Power network, the former People's Deputy Dmitry Kryuchkov extradited from Germany. Within 48 hours from the moment of detention the court has to choose to it a measure of restraint. Prosecutors will petition before court for arrest of the suspect with a pledge alternative of 346.22 million hryvnias. Kryuchkov is suspected of causing damage to the state for the sum over 346 million hryvnias. S&P confirmed the ratings of Ukraine the S&P Global Ratings Agency confirmed the long-term and short-term sovereign credit ratings of Ukraine according to obligations in foreign and national currency at the level of B-/B and rating on a national scale of uaBBB with the forecast "stable". Poroshenko did not wait for Zelensky on a debate the Current president Petro Poroshenko hoped that the candidate for president, the showman Vladimir Zelensky will arrive to a debate before the end of the telecast on ICTV TV channel and gave it on it 40 minutes. The president urged the opponent "to arrive and not to be afraid to act". Poroshenko showed discontent with presence at air of the adviser of Zelensky Alexander Danilyuk. News from Cora



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