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Results 14.11: Snow in Kiev and new tariffs for water

Snow paralyzed traffic in Kiev; in the capital cold water rose in price. The marks out the main events of yesterday. Kabmin approved by
the draft budget-2019 to the second reading the Cabinet approved the bill on the state budget for 2019 for consideration in the second reading by the Verkhovna Rada. On discussion of the bill the prime minister Volodymyr Groysman said that the government is ready to work on the document with People's Deputies. At the same time he emphasized that the budget-2019 has to be realistic not to cause crisis. Russia appealed against the judgment on "Yanukovych's debt" the The Law Debenture Trust Company representing the interests of Russia in the case of a debt of Ukraine for $3 billion submitted in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom the appeal on the decision of Court of Appeal of England. The appeal is submitted on arguments of Ukraine about issue of eurobonds under pressure of the Russian side. Kiev met snow by collapse and in one hundred road accidents In Kiev snow dropped out on November 14. Despite preventions of weather forecasters many drivers were not ready – in several hours hundreds of cars got into accident, as a result practically all Kiev rose in traffic jams. At the same time snowfall in the capital did not confuse municipal services and they continued to stack asphalt. The Cabinet of Ministers secured the cities against cutoff of gas in the winter the Cabinet decided to impose a ban on gas supply shutdown to the heatsupplying enterprises during a heating season. The Deputy Prime Minister the minister, the Minister of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing and Utilities Gennady Zubko reported about it. The government reduced the obligatory level of calculations for the consumed gas for the enterprises теплокомунэнерго from 90% to 78%, for combined heat and power plants - from 90% to 60%. This decrease will work from December 1 of the current year to April 1, 2019. In Kiev tariffs for cold water Kiev residents grew received payment orders for cold water in October taking into account the raised tariffs. New tariffs are established since October 14. So, the price of the centralized supply with cold water is 10.092 UAH with the VAT for 1 CBM now; the centralized water disposal – 9.504 UAH with the VAT for 1 CBM. Thus, when charging for all three services (supply of cold water and removal of cold and hot water) two tariffs are considered. The cabinet of Great Britain approved the plan of the agreement on Brexit the British parliament approved the text of the draft agreement on exit conditions from the EU. "Kabmin's decision is that the government has to agree with terms of agreement on an exit from the EU and with the corresponding political declaration", – the prime minister Theresa May said. Great Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019, however the 21-month transition period will follow after that. News отв Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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