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Results 14.03: Murder of the worker of AP and fate of Brexit

In Kiev the employee of Presidential Administration was killed; London voted for postponement of date of Brexit. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
Ukraine resumed construction of a wall on border with Russia In Ukraine works on construction of a so-called wall on the Russian-Ukrainian border were resumed, the assistant to the chairman of the Public border service Oleg Slobodyan reported. Now contract organizations carry out preparatory work for construction of the lateral road, the device of obstacles also is equipped by antitransport ditches. Poroshenko dismissed the head of Foreign Intelligence Service the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko dismissed Egor Bozhk from a position of the head of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. The god is appointed the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pavel Klimkin. The crew of a new space expedition arrived to the ISS Russia started in space the Soyuz launch vehicle with the ship the Union of MS-12 with crew onboard. The spaceship executed successful joining with the International Space Station. At the ISS of profit the Russian astronaut Alexey Ovchinin and also the American astronauts Nick Haig and Christina Cook. The parliament of Great Britain voted for postponement of date of Brexit the Parliament of Great Britain supported the proposal of the prime minister Theresa May on transfer of a deadline of Brexit since March 29 for June 30, 2019. 412 deputies of the House of Commons, against – 202 voted for such decision. If Great Britain nevertheless needs transfer for longer term, then the country should take part in the next elections to European Parliament. In New Zealand visitors of two mosques of At least 27 people were shot died as a result of firing in two mosques of the New Zealand city of Christchurch. About 30 wounded are taken to hospitals.

Armed men rushed into nearby mosques of Al-Nour and Linvud Masdzhid after a day prayer. They blocked exits and opened fire at parishioners. Kiev killed the employee of Presidential Administration In Kiev near church found a corpse of the employee of Presidential Administration born in 1973 Alexander Bukhtaty. The dead was the chief consultant of the Main department of information policy of APU. Investigators established that two malefactors struck to the victim not less than four blows to the area of the head therefore the man fell to the ground. After that took control of its personal belongings, namely the mobile phone and the cash card, and fled the place of commission of crime. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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