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Results 13.04: Poroshenko's appeal and Zelensky's position

Poroshenko urged Zelensky to come to a debate on April 14; Zelensky read plans concerning Donbass. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
the Ukrainian cultural center burned down in Canada In the Canadian city of Hamilton in the Province of Ontario there was a fire in the Ukrainian cultural center. The building was completely destroyed by fire. Firefighters could save the neighboring buildings. Nobody suffered. Law enforcement authorities establish the causes of the fire. The biggest plane in the world made the first flight the American company Stratolaunch Systems carried out the first flight tests of the world's largest Stratolaunch plane. The Stratolaunch plane consists of two 72-meter fuselages connected by the general wing 117 m long. It is equipped with six engines. Weight is 250 tons, with full load – about 590 tons. The movement on a runway provides the 28-wheeled chassis. Stratolaunch is created as the air platform for start of the carrier rockets Pegasus XL intended for a conclusion of satellites to an orbit. Poroshenko the Current president Petro Poroshenko wrote down the new video message to Zelensky appealed to the candidate for president Vladimir Zelensky to participate in a debate on NSK Olympic on April 14. "Vladimir Aleksandrovich, communication with millions of Ukrainians is more important, than days off in Paris. Do not hide from voters, do not run away from the press, be not afraid of the opponent, do not hang up. Come back, arrive and talk, at last, to people. See you again. On Sunday. At stadium", – Poroshenko told. The car of the ambassador of Ukraine in London was rammed In London the unknown man deliberately crashed into the car of the ambassador of Ukraine in Great Britain Natalya Galibarenko. The police opened fire at the malefactor's car. The guilty person was detained and brought to police station. None of the staff of embassy suffered. The police identify the personality of the suspect and motives of attack. Shareholders of Facebook demanded Zuckerberg's resignation Shareholders of the American company Facebook demanded to move away the founder of social network Mark Zuckerberg from a post of the head of board. According to authors of an initiative, since July, 2018 the estimated cost of Facebook because of decisions of the management and board fell upon 40%. Besides, they note on discrimination of some shareholders as they are granted less rights to vote. At Zelensky sounded a position concerning Donbass and NATO it is impossible to Hold elections in territories of Donbass not controlled by Kiev at present, and the movement in NATO – the only way for Ukraine. It was said by the political consultant of the candidate for president Vladimir Zelensky Dmitry Razumkov. He emphasized that return of uncontrollable territories of Donbass and the Crimea has to happen only on the terms of Ukraine. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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