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Results 12.03: The new amount of pension and a note from Russia

The average amount of pension after indexation is called; Russia sent a note to Ukraine. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
the European Parliament refused to consider necessary Russia the strategic partner European Parliament Nord Stream - 2 considers to wind down the project of construction of the gas pipeline. It is said in the report of EP O approved on Tuesday the political relations between the European Union and Russia. The European Parliament considers that the gas pipeline can be used as the tool of political pressure. Besides, EP does not regard the Russian Federation as the strategic partner any more. The Pension fund called the average amount of pension after indexation After pension indexing since March 1 the average amount of payments grew to 3033 hryvnias. As noted in the Pension fund, at the beginning of 2019 the average amount of pension was 2542 hryvnias. According to PFU, 22% of pensioners promoted for 100 hryvnias, 28% - from 100 to 400 hryvnias, 27% - more than 1000 hryvnias. There was a final part of investigation about plunders in defense industry Journalists of published a final part of investigation about plunders in defense industry in which told about a role of law enforcement agencies in corruption schemes. According to a final part of investigation, in defense industry knew about corruption in tax administration, military prosecutor's office, NABU, GPU and the SSU. The last two departments of charge deny. Meanwhile to NABU there is a check because of schemes in defense industry. Activists poured blood and pasted over with leaflets the building of NABU in Kiev. Thus they demanded to dismiss the deputy head of bureau of Gizo Uglava who appears in investigation. The parliament of Great Britain repeatedly rejected the transaction with the EU on Brexit the British deputies repeatedly rejected the plan of an exit of Great Britain from the European Union which the prime minister Theresa May coordinated with Brussels. Against the transaction 391 members of the House of Commons, voted for it – 242 deputies. Russia sent to Ukraine a note because of completion of friendship the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent a note to Ukraine with the list of its "violations" of the Treaty of friendship in connection with the termination of its action. Kiev received a note of the Russian Foreign Ministry with 12 pages of charges of violation of the treaty of friendship by Ukraine. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin said that Ukraine does right thing, breaking off the treaty of friendship with the Russian Federation. Two deputies want to deprive of immunity the Special anti-corruption prosecutor's office directed to the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko of representation to removal of inviolability from the deputy from fraction of Radical party Sergey Skuratovsky and the representative of the People's Front Denis Dzenzersky. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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