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Results 11.10: Томос for Ukraine and blocking of streets

Results 11.10: Томос for Ukraine and blocking of streets
The synod agreed to give to Ukrainian Orthodox Church autocephaly, in the capital blocked streets because of fuel prices. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday. Cars on euronumbers blocked streets in Kiev of the Car on euronumbers in the morning on Thursday, October 11, blocked a part of streets in Kiev and also routes on entrances to the capital. Participants of the action protest against increase in prices for fuel. As the initiator of the stock Boycott to fuel price the movement of the Car of Euro Sil acts. The organization reported that it is blocked also route Kiev-Odessa. Russia could not start the Union with crew for the ISS At Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan unsuccessful start of the piloted Russian spaceship the Union of MS-10 with crew for the International Space Station (ISS) took place. During start of the Soyuz launch vehicle MS-10 with new "failure of the carrier" happened crew of the ISS, the announcer on a TV broadcast which was conducted on the website of Roskosmos declared. A third of Ukrainians risk to get sick with flu among people who have high chances of infection with flu, there are 30% of Ukrainians. About it at a briefing on Thursday, October 11, the director of the center of public health of the Ministry of Health Vladimir Kurpita reported. "In risk group about 13,5 million Ukrainians, that is, 30% of Ukrainians... have high chance to be infected or receive consequences (complications from flu, - an edition)", - Kurpita noted. The synod of Universal patriarchy removed an anathema from Filaret the Synod of Universal patriarchy removed an anathema from the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev patriarchy Filaret. About it on Thursday, October 11, the press secretary of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of RC Evstraty Zorya reported on Twitter. "Good news from the Synod. From several sources information about two the Synod of Universal patriarchy expected the decision arrived. The first - about the satisfaction of the appeal of the patriarch Filaret. The second - about recognition of illegal annexation of the Kiev metropolitanate in 1686", - Zorya wrote. Ukraine will construct 136 storages for ammunition In the next three years in Ukraine will construct 136 storages for ammunition. It was said by the president Petro Poroshenko during the visit on an arsenal in the village of Tsvetokha of the Khmelnytskyi region. According to him, on this arsenal until the end of the year will open 8 storages of new type according to standards of NATO: 37 reinforced concrete storages, 70 km of power supply networks, 20 km of a water supply system, 15 kilometers of roads with a hard coating. Russia will not return to PACE in 2019 the Russian delegation will not return to work in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe next year. It on Thursday, October 11, the secretary general of the Council of Europe Turbyern Jagland said.

"If the member country does not introduce the application about the powers in January, then it will be out of establishment during the whole year. I do not agree with such position of the Russian side... But what I heard from Russia, - they will not return in January. It is what was told me", - the secretary general said. Poroshenko Slava to Ukraine entered a greeting! The president Petro Poroshenko signed the law on introduction of amendments to charters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine which enters a greeting



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