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Results 10.08: Kernes's business and road accident near Zaporizhia

The court of Poltava has closed case against the mayor of Kharkiv; six people have died in terrible road accident near Zaporizhia. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday.
Ukraine has submitted to ECHR a claim against the Russian Federation for violations of the rights of political prisoners Ukraine has submitted a claim to the European Court of Human Rights against Russia because of violations of the rights of the Ukrainian political prisoners by Moscow. In the statement on 130 pages and about 3 thousand pages of additions are described violations on 71 political prisoners. Iran has carried out tests of a ballistic missile Iran has carried out tests of a ballistic missile, for the first time in 2018. Start-up was marked by the American satellites. Launch of the Fatekh-110 ballistic missile has been made near the city of Dzhask. The rocket has flown by about 160 km over the Strait of Hormuz to the ground in the Iranian desert. About 100 thousand people came to an antigovernmental meeting in Romania In Bucharest the many thousands antigovernmental protest has taken place. Participants of a meeting demanded to dismiss the operating government and to hold early elections. Law enforcement agencies have applied tear gas to dispersal of protesters. During collisions more than 400 people have suffered. According to local media, more than 100 thousand people participated in an action. The USA has twice raised taxes on aluminum and steel from Turkey the U.S. President Donald Trump has disposed to raise twice taxes on steel and aluminum from Turkey. Now they will make 50% and 20% respectively. The Turkish leader Recep Erdogan has said that economic attacks of the USA have struck irreparable blow to relationship with Turkey. The WTO has supported Russia in a dispute with the European Union the World Trade Organization has supported Russia in the key moments of a dispute with the European Union concerning his Third Energy Package. In particular, the WTO recognized as illegal quantitative restrictions of supply of gas from Russia on the Opal gas pipeline. Six people In the Zaporizhia region on the route near the village Kamensk have died in road accident near Zaporizhia KAMAZ and the minibus have collided. As a result of accident six people have died: five children and one adult. KAMAZ went towards Vasilyevki, and the minibus – in the direction of Zaporizhia. At a cargo car, according to one of versions, steering has refused, and he at a full speed crashed into the minibus. As a result of blow the minibus has turned over and has lit up. The court has closed case against Kernes the Kiev district court of Poltava has closed case against the mayor of Kharkiv Hennadiy Kernes and his security guards who were suspected of stealing and threats of murder to supporters of the Maidan of winter of 2014. The judge Andrey Antonov has said that prosecutors have withdrawn from the proof of fault therefore case is considered the fourth year in a row. Prosecutors have missed seven last meetings at which a debate had to take place. The court has regarded it as refusal of charge and has decided to close case. The Prosecutor General's Office called "absolute nonsense" the judge's arguments in favor of solution of the case and we intend to open concerning him production. Lukashenko the Belarusian has accused Russia of "the barbaric relation"



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