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Results 08.11: Laws on eurometal plates and firing in the USA

Rada has adopted laws on "eurometal plates", in California as a result of firing 12 people have died. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday.
of the Quota of the Ukrainian music for radio have grown to 35% In Ukraine the final stage of introduction of quotas on Ukranian-language songs and programs on radio and also transfers on television has begun. The share of Ukranian-language songs on radio has to make 35%, but not 30% as earlier. Also now the share of transfers in a state language has to make not less than 60%. The Ministry of Finance of the USA has imposed sanctions against the Russian and two Ukrainians U.S. authorities have expanded sanctions against Russia, having added three physical and nine legal entities to "black list". In particular, citizens of Ukraine Alexander Basov and Andrey Sushko and also the citizen of Russia Vladimir Zaritsky have fallen under sanctions. Are included "the ministry of state security" of self-proclaimed LPR in the list of legal entities, Ah-Understand JSC KRYMTETS, sanatorium, Dyulber, Miskhor, Mriya Rezort health resort & SPA, LLC Youzhny the project, Management company of infrastructure projects and LLC Garant-SV. Rada has adopted laws on "eurometal plates" the Verkhovna Rada has approved new model of the taxation of "eurometal plates" – base rates of an excise are entered. For new cars with the petrol engine to 3000 cubic cm the base rate will be 50 euros, for more cubature – 100 euros. For diesel cars to the 3500th a cm cube the rate will be 75 euros, for more cubature – 150 euros. Funds from customs clearance of cars on euronumbers are offered to be allocated in the Pension fund. Besides, Rada has raised penalties for "overdue" "eurometal plates". Penalties for violation of term of stay of the car on "eurometal plates" are provided in the transit mode. The law provides to establish a penalty for excess of term from 10 to 20 days – 17 thousand hryvnias, from 20 to 30 days – 85 thousand hryvnias, more than for 30 days (and also for loss or a raskomplektovaniye of vehicles) – 170 thousand hryvnias, or their confiscation by a court decision. The former military has shot people in California as a result of firing in one of bars of the city of Tauzand-Construction Department in the American State of California 12 people, including the deputy sheriff of the District of Ventura have died. At a student's party in Borderline Bar & Grill bar the 28-year-old veteran of naval infantry of the USA Ian David Long has arranged firing. The man has made about 30 shots then has shot itself. Rada has approved increase in an excise on cigarettes and a tax on parcels the Verkhovna Rada intends to raise an excise tax on tobacco products and some other excises and also to lower a threshold of tax-exempt transfers for natural persons. The bill provides to increase since July 1, 2019 rates of an excise tax on tobacco products by 9%. The document also provides collecting a value added tax from the imported goods in Ukraine which cost exceeds an equivalent of 100 euros. The agreement on stage-by-stage introduction of peacekeepers to Donbass the International working group is reached I have coordinated need of stage-by-stage introduction to Donbass peacekeeping m



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