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Results 05.01: Томос for Ukraine and explosion in Mariupol

The patriarch Varfolomey signed томос about the Ukrainian autocephaly; in a house in Mariupol there was an explosion. The marks out the main events of yesterday.
"Yellow vests" resumed actions protests in France 50 thousand protesters of an action of "yellow vests" took to the streets of the cities of France, continuing to protest because of displeasure the economic situation. Police officers applied tear gas against protesters. In Paris during the demonstrations more than 100 people were detained and taken into custody. The patriarch Varfolomey signed Tomos for Ukraine the Universal patriarch Varfolomey Tomos about autocephaly of Orthodox church of Ukraine signed. He urged all world orthodox churches to recognize PTsU under the name of "Svyateysha Tserkov of Ukraine". According to this document, the Orthodox church of Ukraine exists canonically autocephalous, independent and self-ordered, having the head with the title "The Most Blessed Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine". PTsU is forbidden to establish arkhireysky departments and arrivals outside Ukraine.

the Russian Orthodox Church called PTsU signed by the Universal patriarch Varfolomey Tomos about granting autocephaly "simple paper". In Serbia there passed mass protests against the president In Serbia there took place mass protests against the president of the country Alexander Vucic. Protest actions, in particular, took place in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad. "We are obliged to fight for the rule of law, freedom and democracy, for our country and for the sake of future generations which will inherit it from us", – protesters said. The Chinese probe showed a reverse side of the Moon the Chinese Queqiao spacecraft intended for relaying of signals of the lunar probe Chanje-4 sent to Earth of the photo of our planet and a reverse side of the Moon. In Turkey was detained the suspect of murder of students of Kharkiv the Turkish law enforcement authorities detained the suspect of murder of two foreign students of Kharkiv. Tsokmez Gusnu Cang who is suspected of murder of two foreign students was detained at the cemetery near a grave of the father and brought to the Turkish Bureau of public safety. In Mariupol in a house the grenade In a house on Stroiteley Avenue in Mariupol exploded explosion, presumably, of a grenade took place. According to preliminary information, two persons died. An incident occurred in the apartment on the third floor. According to eyewitnesses, explosion was heard in other residential districts of the city, and one of the dead before death from a window called to the aid. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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