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Results 02.08: Scandal in a shelter, state of emergency with tourists

Children from a shelter on Volhynia have accused the management of harassments; the Ukrainian tourists have got stuck in Italy. Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday.
In the Russian Federation have developed a new route of Nord Stream-2 bypassing Denmark the Nord Stream Company – 2 AG, being the operator of the project the Northern stream - 2, has developed a gas pipeline route bypassing Denmark without rise in price for the project. "We have developed already alternative route, Nord Stream-2 AG isn't required additional permissions. The total cost of the project will remain former, as well as it was told during start of the project – it is 9,5 billion euros", – the executive board member of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV Manfred Leytner has reported. GPU has completed investigation concerning Savchenko and Rubana Genprokuror Yury Lutsenko has confirmed an end of the investigation concerning the People's Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko and the head of the Center of release of prisoners the Officer case of Vladimir Ruban. According to him, the prosecutor's office has all necessary proofs of fault of suspects. On the ground near Kiev security officers have shown an arsenal of allegedly withdrawn weapon and ammunition at Ruban which he in conspiracy with Savchenko intended to use for terrorist attack in the center of Kiev. Ukraine has sharply reduced import of gas from the EU In seven months 2018 Ukraine has reduced import of natural gas by 31,5%, or by 2,56 billion cubic meters, – to 5,578 billion cubic meters, data of Ukrtransgaz demonstrate. For the specified period 3,57 billion cubic meters of gas along the Slovak gas transmission corridor and also from Poland and Hungary – 0,43 billion cubic meters and 1,57 billion cubic meters, respectively have been imported. The patriarch Filaret has decided to select all temples of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) After recognition of uniform Ukrainian Orthodox Church all real estate of the Moscow patriarchy will carry over Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was declared by the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of RC – the patriarch Kiev and всея to Russia-Ukraine Filaret. "The state has transferred the property to use of the Ukrainian church of the Moscow patriarchy. But when here the Ukrainian church will be recognized, Laurus – both one, and the second – will be told to the Ukrainian church", – he has emphasized. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) called such statements "absurd and ridiculous from the legal point of view". In a children's shelter on Volhynia sexual scandal At ten children of a shelter in the city of Rozhishche of the Volynsk region I have run high have found traces of a beating and blood on clothes. Three more children have reported sexual harassments from the management of establishment. The head of a children's shelter was discharged. Concerning him the measure of restraint is chosen. The Ukrainian tourists can't take off the second day from Italy the Ukrainian tourists can't take off from the Italian Rimini for Odessa. The flight of ANR5992 which the YanAir company had to execute on August 1 is postponed for August 3, the tour operator of Join Up has reported. Day of a departure of flight ANR5991 in the opposite direction – Odessa-Rimini is also postponed. Flights are postponed because of certain technical reasons about which have reported in airline. GPU has completed investigation of executions on the Maidan Sleds



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