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Results 01.08: Empty treasury and growth of dollar exchange rate

Results 01.08: Empty treasury and growth of dollar exchange rate
On the Uniform treasury account there were less than two billion hryvnias; the dollar in exchangers has grown to 27 hryvnias: Корреспондент.net marks out the main events of yesterday. The treasury of Ukraine has become empty to a minimum of 2014 the Remains of means on the Uniform treasury account by the beginning of August have decreased to the level of January, 2014 and have made 1,99 billion hryvnias. The Acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova has reported that non-performance of the loans planned for the first quarter 2018 of 56 billion hryvnias is the main reason of this situation. She has assured that the general liquidity is sufficient and a situation under control. The dollar in Ukraine has exceeded 27 hryvnias Dollar exchange rate in exchangers has grown by 12 kopeks − up to 27,10 hryvnias for dollar, in purchase dollar exchange rate has increased for 10 kopeks − up to 26,82 hryvnias for dollar. As reports National Bank, the national currency in July devaluated to US dollar at an official rate for 2,2%. The Cabinet of Ministers has prepared three options of advance in price on gas the Government considers three scenarios of calculation of gas price for the population. The first option − Hub − the price on the German hub plus expenses on transportation. The second option − Hub-− the price on the German hub minus expenses on transportation. And the third option − Hub0 − the "net" price on the German hub. The Cabinet of Ministers hopes for the decision which provides the smallest growth of tariffs, that is Hub-option. Gas cost for the population with the minimum margin and the VAT in that case will be 7765 hryvnias for thousand CBM., and at a margin of 10% of the VAT − 8268 hryvnias for thousand CBM. In the Crimea there has arrived the delegation from Slovakia the Delegation from Slovakia despite all cautions of the Ukrainian side has arrived in the annexed Crimea. Ten people, including politicians and businessmen were its part. Naftogaz announced world in a dispute with Kiev of the Power of Kiev have agreed to recognize presence of debt at Kiyevenergo to Naftogaz for delivered gas. In the NAC have noted that have agreed to the settlement agreement in court and are ready to resume supply of gas for providing residents of the capital with hot water. The prosecutor's office of Kherson was picketed with smoke grenades Natskorpus's Representatives picketed the national police building in Kherson, and then have lit smoke grenades under regional prosecutor's office. Attack with acid on the official Ekaterina Gandzyuk became the reason of protests. Also several hundreds of people held a meeting under the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev. They demanded resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the public report on investigation of attacks on activists, public figures and journalists. Murder of the volunteer in Berdyansk was committed by the participant of ATO Chief of police of the Zaporizhia region Sergey Komissarov has reported that murder of the volunteer of the Donbass battalion Vitaly Oleshko was committed by the participant of ATO. He acted as a part of organized criminal group which prepared for operation and watched the killed. Suspects are detained. Among versions of motive there are murders − business interests, economic problems, political and household. News



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