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Replacement to Grads. New Ukrainian weapon and equipment

Replacement to Grads. New Ukrainian weapon and equipment
The newest developments of the Ukrainian weapon and military equipment showed at an exhibition which takes place on October 9-12 on the eve of Day of the defender of Ukraine. In Kiev there takes place the Zbroya exhibition that bezpeka-2018 in which about 500 companies from 17 countries of the world take part. At it the newest developments of the Ukrainian weapon and military equipment were presented. Корреспондент.net tells details. The jet system of the UM volley BM-21 fire of Birch barks State enterprise Shepetovsky the repair plant for the first time presented the modernized jet system of the UM volley BM-21 fire of Birch barks. Ukroboronprom notes that in production of the fighting vehicle only the Ukrainian accessories are used. "Birch barks the Hail which is adopted AFU is intended for replacement of BM-21. Use of modern digital technologies and the new chassis of domestic production provide Birch bark key fighting and operational advantages which considerably expand fighting opportunities of RSZO", - it is said in the statement of Ukroboronprom. Digital technologies integrate the car into the system of exchange of information in the battlefield. Calculation of RSZO in real time receives exact coordinates of the opponent which in the processed look arrive from UAVs, counterbattery radar station and also other systems of observation. Lined Abrams, but remained the last. Tanks of AFU "Such integration many times increases the accuracy and efficiency of firing. One more feature of new RSZO is increase in power of volley up to 50 rockets, instead of 40 in the Hail. Big power allows to destroy with guarantee the opponent and to quickly distribute fire between various purposes", - it is noted in the message. The Delta the Zhytomyr armored plant developed BTR-70 with the fighting module and created modernization of BTR-70 which for the first time showed at an exhibition. Ukroboronprom notes that the updated fighting vehicle received new engines from the American corporation General Motors thanks to what the general power grew, and the maximum speed increased up to 100 kilometers per hour. BTR-70D (GM) is equipped with the new fighting module the Delta - the 23-mm automatic gun and a 7,62-mm machine gun. The delta is also equipped with a modern digital multipurpose control system of fire with the thermal imaging camera, a laser range finder, the stabilizer of arms and the system of capture and maintenance is more whole. Modernization improved the speed, maneuverability, accuracy and power in the battlefield under any weather conditions and time of day, Ukroboronprom notes. BMP-M1S with the fighting module the Stiletto the Zhytomyr armored plant also presented to BMP-M1S - the modernized fighting vehicle the infantry famous around the world. The IFV is intended for transportation of staff of motorized rifle divisions in the battlefield, increases in mobility and security in the battlefield and also for joint actions together with tanks. The IFV - M1sosnashchenaboyevymmodulemstilets 30 - mmpushkoy2a42idvumyaustanovkamiptrkbaryer - 212 .Такжемодульоснащенпулеметомкалибра7.62исистемой управленияогнемСинтез.



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