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Receipts from salary taxes have increased

Receipts from salary taxes have increased
Among the reasons there are increases in receipts - growth of a minimalka and taxation of some categories of businessmen. Receipts of a uniform contribution (ERU) to obligatory state social insurance since the beginning of 2018 has increased by 27,3% in comparison with the same period of last year. About it on Wednesday, September 12, the press service of the State Courier Service reports. It is noted that from January to August of receipt have made 145,1 billion UAH that on 31,1 billion UAH it is, more, than in January-August of last year. The State Courier Service connects it with growth of minimum wage and attraction to payment of a uniform contribution of some categories of persons - businessmen on the general system of the taxation who don't gain income, members of farms. The number of payers of a uniform contribution to obligatory state social insurance for August 1 of this year was 4,3 million. It on 144,6 thousand payers is more, than their was at the beginning of 2018. In total the salary fund on which the uniform contribution for January-July, 2018 is assessed has made 562,2 billion UAH that on 113,1 billion UAH, or is 25,4% more, than for the same period of 2017. We will remind, in 2018 Ukrainians have doubled payment of a tax on elite cars. Earlier it was reported that Kiev residents have paid nearly a half of taxes of Ukrainians on served property declarations – 1,048 billion hryvnias. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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