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Rare photos of Oscar: as everything began

Rare photos of Oscar: as everything began
In revival, on March 4, the anniversary 90th ceremony of delivery of a film award the Oscar will be held. As everything began, rare photos of the first nominees and winners the Oscar in the photo report of Корреспондент.net. The first ceremony of delivery of a gold figurine has taken place on May 16, 1929 in Roosevelt hotel in Los Angeles. The award was handed by the American academy of motion picture art founded two years before. Oscar's symbol habitual to us – a gilded figurine of the knight on the reel with a film 30 centimeters high has been created specially to the first ceremony. The first celebration has taken place in a type of a banquet which was visited by about 270 people. Awards were presented personally by the president of academy of motion picture art sir Douglas Feyrbanks, he was helped by the director Cecil Demil. The first winners in the nominations the best actor and the best actress in the history of the Oscar became Janet Geynor and Emil Yannings. The director Lewis Maylstoun has received the first Oscar for direction of the movie "Two Arabian Knights". Takzhe during the ceremony of 1929 the screenwriter Ben Hetchu and the producer Jack Vorner have got figurines. The first Charlie Chaplin for the movie "Circus" and Warner Brothers for the film "Singer of Jazz" have received the title "For Outstanding Achievements in Cinema". In archives of film academy and personal collections rare photos from Oscar's ceremonies of 50-60 years have remained. On them it is possible to see Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando and other film celebrities of that time. In 1942 the actress Joan Fontaine has won the Oscar for a role in the movie "Suspicion". This award became only among movies by Alfred Hitchcock. On a photo the ceremony at which Audrey Hepburn has received the only Oscar for a role in the movie "Roman Vacation" has also remained. The interesting facts about 90 ceremonies Oscar Takzhe on the Correspondent in revival, on March 4, online broadcasting the News Oscar-2018 from the in Telegram will be available. Subscribe for our channel



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