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Qualcomm has released the latest Snapdragon 670 chip

Qualcomm has released the latest Snapdragon 670 chip
He is calculated for devices of the middle class and focused on the accelerated work of AI and graphics. The Qualcomm company has released the latest Snapdragon 670 chip which is created for devices of the middle class. The chip is focused on the accelerated work of AI and the improved graphics. Writes Engadget about it. The novelty, according to the producer, is 1,8 times faster, than the previous generation of Snapdragon 660. Along with top Snapdragon 845, this chip is equipped with DSP Hexagon 685 - the technology which is responsible for work of HDR in Google Pixel 2. Thanks to the graphic Adreno 615 processor in Snapdragon 670 will work for 25 percent quicker. And it will affect, in turn, the speed of games and AI. It will be better to cope with these tasks the chip thanks to the handler of images Spectra 250 who is able to shoot 4K-video, spending for 30 percent less energy, than earlier. Earlier it was reported that the Intel company has released the anniversary 16-digit Core i7-8086K processor. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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