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Plan B on Sevpotoku-2. Naftogaz wants $12 billion

Plan B on Sevpotoku-2. Naftogaz wants $12 billion
Ukraine has a backup plan on a case of start of the Russian gas pipeline to the European Union. Kiev doesn't believe that transit can remain. The Ukrainasky company Naftogaz has prepared the plan of protection of the interests for a case of start of the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Naftogaz has estimated the losses from idle time of the gas transmission system at 12 billion dollars if Nord Stream-2 is started. For this sum Ukraine has already submitted a claim to the International arbitration. Корреспондент.net tells details. The new claim of Naftogaz against Gazprom the Commercial director of Naftogaz Yury Vitrenko in an interview to Channel Five has told that the company has prepared the plan of protection of the interests for a case of start of Nord Stream-2. ​По to his words if the project of the gas pipeline is really realized, then Ukraine will demand collecting from Russia of losses which it will suffer for idle time of the gas transmission system. Naftogaz has assessed damages at 12 billion dollars. The company has already submitted the corresponding claim to the International arbitration. "For this purpose we have corresponding legal opportunities therefore now we can demand to reconsider a tariff", - Vitrenko has told. Kobolev about Nord Stream-2: Fight is already lost As have told in Naftogaz, the European rules of pricing allow to display effect of idle time of the Ukrainian infrastructure after 2019. It is not about revision of the contract existing with Russia, and "about compensation of the half-received tariff revenue". Gazprom has refused comments to journalists according to this information. In February the Stockholm arbitration has refused to Ukraine revision of a tariff and left invariable the requirement about the minimum transit, but has obliged the Russian side to pay in favor of Naftogaz 4,63 billion dollars for short delivery of gas under the contract on transit. Taking into account the previous trial the Russian company has to pay 2,56 billion. Gazprom in June has achieved suspension of execution of the decision of arbitrators. The court has agreed that contain in business necessary for this basis. In addition the judgment deprives Naftogaz of the right to arrest assets of Gazprom abroad. On last not affairs the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has said that the Russian side recognizes that Europe is interested in implementation of the project of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. "We will fight for his realization", - Putin has emphasized following the results of negotiations with the chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz. Nord Stream-2 with a binding to Ukraine at the end of July in Germany laying of pipes of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, despite the absence of the agreement of the authorities of Denmark - the only country which hasn't given such permission has begun. At the moment Finland, Sweden, Germany and Russia have granted permission for laying of the gas pipeline in the exclusive economic zone. The authorities of Denmark koleblitsya with the decision, despite assurances of Germany that transit through Ukraine will remain. The Danish prime minister Lars Lekke Rasmussen suggests to take out this question on the all-European level. At a meeting with the Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Groysman in a game



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