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Parade in Kiev on the Independence Day: online

Independence Day of 2018 in Kiev - a parade online
4,5 thousand servicemen will participate in a parade on the Independence Day of Ukraine and will show modern samples of arms. You watch a parade the March of new army online on August 24, 2018. On the Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24, 2018 in Kiev, one of the largest military parades will be held. He has received the name the March of new army. 4,5 thousand soldiers and 250 pieces of equipment will take part in him. Korrespondent.net24 of August will conduct text online broadcast of a parade for the Independence Day of 2018. Video broadcast of a parade in honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine 11.40 Parade in honor of the Independence Day have ended. Over the Khreshchatyk Many l_ta in honor of the 27th anniversary sounds. 11:36 SU-27 Fighters. 11:32 the aircraft Has appeared. Transport workers of An-26 Mi-8 11.30 Helicopters Beeches 11.29 Complexes of radar investigation. 11:28 Jet system of volley fire Tornado 11.27 Self-propelled howitzer of the Tack 11.25 Long-range guns Hyacinth 11.23 American anti-tank missiles of Javelin. 11:18 the procession of military equipment Has begun. 11:15 American soldiers. 11:12 British servicemen on the Maidan. 11:09 Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian crew. 11:02 Participants of ATO march. 10:58 the March of new army of Ukraine Has begun. 10:56 Planes come nearer in the Khreshchatyk where there takes place the parade. 10:48 delivery of fighting flags and names to the military units which are involved in fights in the east Begins. 93 - "Holodny Yar"
30 - "ім. the prince Kostyantin Ostrozky"
56 - Mar_upolska
55 - "Zapor_zka Січ"
15 it is transport - "ім. Oleg Antonov"
3 a regiment - "ім. the prince Svyatoslav Horobry"
of 21 NSU - "ім. Pyotr Kalnishevsky"
406 - "ім. the general Oleks_ya Almazov" 10.45 rewarding with awards and award of new ranks Has begun. Some - posthumously, parents accept awards. 10:43 Poroshenko say that from a greeting Slava to Ukraine "poses enemies as devils from an incense". 10:40 Moment of silence in memory of the dead on Donbass. The president has told that he never "will forget Ukraine and won't forgive". 10:36 "War of Russia against Ukraine is a part of the Kremlin on to disorganize the EU and NATO", - Poroshenko has told. 10:32 President has reminded of a question of a tomos for the Ukrainian church. "Not to a mozha quarrystone v_lny тіло if soul in полоні... At us firm intention to split the last knot which the empire tries to attach us to itself", - Poroshenko has told. Has reminded 10:28 Poroshenko that today Ukraine notes century of declaration of independence of UNR. 10:25 President Pyotr



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