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PACE has postponed change of sanctions rules

PACE has postponed change of sanctions rules
In the sessional hall to Assembly there were no enough voices for support of changes of regulations. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe at a meeting on Tuesday, October 9, has decided to postpone the solution of a question of changes of sanctions rules for the next year. The European truth reports about it. For changes of sanctions rules it would be necessary to have support of two thirds of deputies, but a debate has shown that in the hall there are no enough voices for change. It is noted that unsuccessful vote would mean that the resolution "is killed". To avoid it, Pyotr de Soutter's speaker has suggested to stop a debate. "I have heard very emotional arguments, even anger. There were also constructive arguments. And we see that there are no voices. Therefore I suggest to postpone a discussion until January", - she has explained. 99 deputies, against 79 have voted for the proposal of the speaker, 16 more have refrained. The Ukrainian deputies have regarded this result of vote as success. We will remind, the day before in France the session of PACE has begun. The most resonant question which is planned to consideration - cancellation of sanctions against the Russian delegation. Last week the Verkhovna Rada has adopted the statement on return of the Russian Federation to PACE. Deputies have condemned attempts of removal of restrictive measures concerning constant delegation of the Russian Federation in PACE in circumvention of resolutions of Assembly. We will remind, in 2014 and 2015 of PACE I limited the Russian delegation in the rights. In 2016 Russia has ceased to participate in work of assembly and didn't transfer the list of the deputies to Strasbourg, avoiding thus confirmation of sanctions. Work of Russia in all other bodies of the Council of Europe was continued. Since 2017 Russia doesn't pay contributions to the budget of the Council of Europe. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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