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Ozone gaps will disappear by 2060. What has helped

Ozone gaps will disappear by 2060. What has helped
Destruction of an ozone layer of Earth conducted to serious consequences - from increase of cases of cancer of skin at people before death of phytoplankton and marine animals. The ozone layer of Earth will completely be restored on all planet by 2060, the World Meteorological Organization has counted. Without ozone layer Earth is defenseless against ultra-violet solar radiation. And the ozone gap over Antarctica is one of serious threats to a global ecosystem. Корреспондент.net tells details. Ozone gaps drag on the Ozone layer of Earth since 2000 is restored for 1-3 percent a decade. The ozone layer will completely be restored by such rates in the Northern hemisphere by 2030th years, and on all planet - by 2060. These conclusions were published by the World Meteorological Organization at another meeting of the parties of the protocol. So, this year the ozone gap over the South Pole was reduced up to 24,8 million square kilometers. The biggest area at her has been registered in 2006 - 29,6 million. There were 12 years. Catastrophic thawing of poles In the 1970th years scientists from the USA have found out that some chemicals used in the industry destroy an ozone layer of Earth which absorbs a part of ultra-violet radiation of the Sun, dangerous to live organisms. Destruction of ozone was connected with influence of substances of groups of chlorfluorocarbons, the most known of which - group of freon, used as solvents and coolants. If in the lower layers they kept the state, then already in the center of a stratosphere under the influence of ultra-violet radiation broke up, emitting chlorine which destroyed ozone (a triatomic molecule of oxygen). Scientists Franck Sherwood Rouland and Mario Molina who have opened this feature have got the Nobel Prize in chemistry. The Montreal agreement the Ozone gap for the first time has helped have found over Antarctica in the 1980th years. Every August she appeared, and in December-January dragged on. Over the Northern hemisphere in the Arctic in the fall and in the winter numerous ozone mini-holes open. It became soon obvious that his destruction will lead to serious consequences - from increase of cases of cancer of skin at people before death of phytoplankton and marine animals and also damage of grain crops. In 1985 the Montreal protocol which established terms, during a kotorykhveshchestvo, destroying an ozone layer has been drafted, have to be laid off and excluded from use. It has come into force on January 1, 1989. Plastic murderer. The world refuses tubules So, chlorine - and bromsoderzhashchy freony have replaced with other substances, for example fluorinated freona which don't react with ozone. However, considering that in the atmosphere the huge amount of the substances destroying an ozone layer capable to exist decades has already collected, this process has dragged on for many years. Experts note that removal from the use of the substances destroying ozone helps as well with fight against climate change as many chemicals, to



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