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Oscar-2018: reaction of Network and first memes

In the night of revival on Monday in Los Angeles there has taken place the anniversary 90th ceremony of delivery the Oscar. In Network the first memes with Meryl Streep and reaction to a movie victory "about seafood" have already appeared. Oscar's delivery has taken place of 2018 in revival, on March 4. The movie by Guillermo del Toro has got a victory "A water form". The first reaction of Network to the winner, memes and tricks in a selection of Корреспондент.net. There is a meme after the Oscar for Meryl Streep already a tradition. At a ceremony of 2018 the actress has appeared in image which users of network have instantly compared to the God fairy from the animated film "Shrek". Why did Meryl Streep attended the ceremony dressed as the Fairy godmother from Shrek? #Oscars — dani (@TowerwhiteDani) on March 5, 2018 Meryl Streep did THAT #Oscars — Mireléfica (@annieTHG) on March 5, 2018. And still Streep has repeated the same gesture which became a meme on last delivery the Oscar, crying out something from the hall. Some things never change. #Oscars — ♡ (@scarlettf4ncy) on March 5, 2018. Oscar the actor Makalya Culkin has laughed at a ceremony. On the page on twitter he has published a photo on which he in kitchen prepares in a suit and a butterfly. The signature under a photo says: "Here some of things in which I am engaged instead of Oscar's viewing. I prepare a romaine". Here' s some things I' m doing instead of watching the #oscars

1. Making ramen — Macaulay Culkin (@IncredibleCulk) on March 4, 2018. Reaction to a victory of the movie of Guillermo del Toro "A water form" was quite critical and caustic. Many joke concerning a plot and the main character, calling the movie by del Toro the film about seafood. Others emphasize that the Oscar had to get to the movie "Three Billboards on Border of Ebbinga, Missouri". - the villain quoting the Bible
- the gay who loves sweets
- a final fight in the rain
and other film stamps - in "the best movie of 2018" — Duran / Durant (@userdie) on March 5, 2018. "Thanks, Guillermo, we will forever remember this year as year when men have messed up so strongly that women have begun to meet fishes" #Oscars — Nataska (@Natata_08) on March 5, 2018 how to make the movie for #Oscars you bring down in a lot of gays, Russian spies, some disabled people and you choose the director immigrant and everything, you can go to pack a prize, the scenario and a game aren't important #ShapeOfWater — see girl (@seegirrl) on March 5, 2018. That moment when around the world the audience has the best movie of year "Three billboards", and in reality the Oscar is received by a "Water form".

Have dug themselves. However, for a long time. — the Bawler and the party-goer (@footballfrost) on March 5, 2018. Your person, when the Oscar for "The best movie" was won by a water Form. #Oscars — Artyom Deryagin (@DerArto) on March 5, 2018 #Oscars in one picture of — Putin tells (@CzarSays) on March 5, 2018. Three billboards on limit of common sense. #Oscars



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