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Opened to America S-300. What suspect Ukraine of

Opened to America S-300. What suspect Ukraine of
The delegation of the Israeli and American military secretly came to Ukraine to study characteristics of the surface-to-air missile system, the Russian media report. Ukraine was suspected of disclosure to the USA and Israel of characteristics of the S-300 surface-to-air missile system which is vanzhny sostovlyashchy Russian air defense. Many Russian media, referring to the Vietnamese edition Soha, reported about the American-Israeli delegation which allegedly secretly visited Ukraine where it got acquainted with several samples of the most important arms. Корреспондент.net tells details. The USA tested S-300 in Ukraine the Joint delegation of the USA and Israel secretly visited Ukraine where it got acquainted with several samples of the most important arms, including rockets of complexes of air defense S-300, it is told in the publication of the Vietnamese Soha News portal which was reprinted by many Russian and some Ukrainian media. According to the edition, the Ukrainian experts told members of delegation about tactical technical characteristics available Ukraine S-300. To test possibilities of ZRK which Russia put on arms of army of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad the USA sent for participation in doctrines in Ukraine 18 fighters of the fourth generation F-15C Eagle, and Israel - several pilots who, having used the American planes, it is told in material. The American F-15C Eagle fighters for the first time arrived in Ukraine on October 6. Planes take part in the international exercises Clear Sky 2018 with other members of NATO. The edition also reminds that Ukraine delivered mobile radar station 36D6M1-1 which technologies were used in S-300 to the USA. In September it was reported that command of United States Army received mobile radar station of the Ukrainian production 36D6M1-1 which it will use in doctrines as the opponent's weapon. RDS 36D6M1-1/Defense Blog as a result experts of the Israeli Air Force came to a conclusion that fighters of the fifth generation F-35 Lightning will be impregnable before the Russian S-300. About same the minister of regional cooperation of Israel Tsaki Hanegbi said earlier. He emphasized that "the efficiency of the Israeli Air Force will not suffer from deliveries of S-300" as at them are adopted F-35 stealth fighters. "We have hardly noticeable planes, these batteries [S-300] will not even be able to trace them", - Hanegbi noted. The Israeli minister promised them to destroy Israel said that transfer to hands of Damascus of ZRK S-300 will not stop airstrikes on the territory of Syria, and installations of the Russian production can be liquidated "both from air, and from the earth". Russia decided to deliver to S-300 to Syria after on September 17 in the sky over the Mediterranean Sea the Syrian forces of air defense hit the Russian Il-20 scout plane with 15 Russian soldiers onboard. Russia conferred responsibility on Israel - being allegedly covered with the Russian plane, the Israeli pilots set up him under fire of anti-aircraft weapons of Syria. President of Russia Vladimir Pu



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