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On Wall Street have predicted consequences of decline of lira

On Wall Street have predicted consequences of decline of lira
Some analysts assume that devaluation of the Turkish currency will provoke large-scale currency crisis. The index of the American bank has to calm investors of the markets of developing countries concerned by a possibility of chain reaction in the conditions of aggravation of crisis in Turkey. The index of Goldman Sachs Group demonstrates to it, Bloomberg tells. Dynamics of currencies of emerging markets, except for ruble, was less expressed, than promised the indicator, despite the collapse of Turkish lira, it is told in the review of Goldman Sachs. Calculations of influence of lira on currencies of other developing countries were made on the basis of the analysis of recent decline of Argentine peso. "From the fundamental point of view further consequences have to be limited", - it is said in the review. "If we also continue to observe these consequences in the markets with the best fundamental to indicators, we will look for possibilities of investments rather there, than in the lira", - they add. As writes CNN, analysts assume that devaluation of lira will provoke large-scale currency crisis. Some experts already advise investors in general to refuse investments in emerging markets. Investors are concerned about the fact that the government doesn't take any actions for a solution. The president of Turkey has rejected an appeal to raise interest rates to try to facilitate crisis. Instead Erdogan has snatched with criticism to the USA that has even more aggravated a situation in the foreign exchange markets. The president of Turkey has urged citizens to sell dollars and euro that "to save national currency". Experts have already warned that if stability of the Turkish currency isn't restored in the nearest future, this country won't cope with debt crisis without the aid of the International Monetary Fund. The Turkish lira since the beginning of month has dropped by 31% against the background of refusal of the president Recep Erdogan to fulfill political requirements of the USA and also in the conditions of growth of tension in the market. The index of currencies of large developing countries from MSCI Inc. I have lost 2% for the same period. Earlier it was reported that euro exchange rate has fallen to a minimum in a year because of the collapse of Turkish lira. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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