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On the Ukrainian Comic Con there will arrive the star of the Lord of the Rings

On the Ukrainian Comic Con there will arrive the star of the Lord of the Rings
The first Comic Con Ukraine will be visited by one of actors of the cult saga who has played in movies by the gnome Gimli. In Kiev for the first time there will take place the international convention the cosplay culture of Comic Con Ukraine. The action will take place on September 22-23 at the art plant the Platform. The actor - John Rees-Davies who has played the gnome Gimli trilogies Lord of the Rings will become the guest of honor of Comic Con Ukraine. Besides, to Kiev there will arrive the video game Detroit star: Become Human Brian Descartes with the wife Amelia Rose Blair. She has played in series Shout, Anatomy of passion, Mentalist. Comic Con Ukraine will adhere to a classical American sample of Comic Con which became a cult action for fans a cosplay culture, an anime, a fantasy and magics. At the end of August 20178 years on the 76th year of life the author of comics of Marvel Gary Friedrich has died. Also the Correspondent wrote that in San Diego the annual Comic-Con festival of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram was held. Subscribe for our channel



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