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On a photo of 1943 have found the person with the smartphone

On a photo of 1943 have found the person with the smartphone
In hands the man, imprinted in the picture, has some unknown subject reminding a gadget. Users of Network were attracted by the strange picture of 1943 in which the man with "smartphone" in hands is depicted. The photo was published by Stewart Hamfris who is engaged in a kolorization of black-and-white rollers and pictures. Writes The Sun about it. British war workers escape to the seaside - this Cornish beach was photographed in September 1943. (It would be lovely if one of you were able to identify which beach!) ❤️ — BabelColour 🎞 (@StuartHumphryes) on September 30, 2018. In the picture the British workers who have a rest on the beach are depicted. At the same time in the center there is a man with an unknown subject in hands which holds as the smartphone. Position of a hand of the man and also his stare, look the same as at users of gadgets. Er... is it just me or is this guy checking his phone... in the 1950s. 🤔 — South London History (@SouthHistory) on October 1, 2018 "Em, it only seems to me, or this guy checks the smartphone?", - one of users has noted. Earlier it was reported that in a picture of the 19th century have made out "iPhone". The girl depicted on a portrait holds a subject as if a gadget in hand. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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