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Olga Ermolcheva's adventures in Las Vegas: the first prize-winning and start of the Main event

Olga Ermolcheva's adventures in Las Vegas: the first prize-winning and start of the Main event
PokerMatch Pro Olga Ermolcheva successfully "warms up" in a women's tournament, drives excursions on smart casinos and the Professional of the PokerMatch team Olga Ermolcheva who represents Ukraine on a World series of poker of WSOP prepares for the World Cup in poker, with might and main grows roots in Las Vegas. The Ukrainian has played couple of tournaments and has already managed to reach prize-winning! Olga has registered the first ITM in the women's Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship championship. In him for women the entrance was $1 000, but it was possible to play also to men — for $10 000. The tournament has brought together 626 participants, and the general prize fund has made $626 400. The Ukrainian has surely begun a tournament, systematically increased a stack, but to bucks of "cartridges" at Olya was reduced. However, our pokeristka has managed to pass in a prize-winning zone where 106 players have got. Ermolcheva has received $1 500 for the 101st place. Quite good for an initiative. The victory in this tournament was won by the skilled American Jessica Douli for whom it was already the 25th hit in ITM on a World series. Together with the first in career bracelet Jessica has received more than $130 000 prize-winning. Practically at once the Ukrainian "has dived" into other tournament — Deep Stack — and there has also reached prizes! About everything that happens to her in Las Vegas, Olya tells in the video blog on YouTube at which thousands of users have already looked. By the way, except reports on life in the capital of passion and important life hacks, the Ukrainian also organizes draws of pleasant prizes for the fans. So you monitor blogs by Ermolcheva, be ill and win. We will remind, a main objective of our pokeristka — a successful performance in the Main event of WSOP which starts already today! And we learn a name of the new world champion in poker on July 14. The winner of a last year's tournament, American Scott Blyumstein, has earned more than $8 000 000! It is interesting whether this result will be beaten this year? By the way, in Main Event it will be possible to watch all events on the air on ESPN TV channel. Perhaps, someone from the Ukrainian players will manage to get at one of television tables. Good luck to Olya and all Ukrainians, we wait for a victory! Read also: Poker feints of stars of soccer of Ronaldo, Neymar and Pique



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