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Noize MC with criticism has apologized for a bloody concert

Noize MC with criticism has apologized for a bloody concert
The performer has criticized complaints of the victim who presents an incident as heroic rescue of the wife. The Russian hip-hop the performer Ivan Alekseev better known as Noize MC, has brought public apologies that has accidentally hurt the head to one of fans the microphone. An incident has happened at a concert in Volzhsky of the Volgograd region. Noize MC from a scene has thrown into crowd the microphone together with building. She has pleased on the head to one of visitors Alexey Halstov. The man has addressed to media, telling as he "has heroically saved the wife from an aim throw of the actor murderer at a bloody concert". The performer on the page in Instagram has apologized for an incident, but has criticized behavior of the fan. According to Noize MC, Halastov threatens the singer with police and too embellishes happened. To look at this publication in Instagram Yesterday the wife in telephone conversation has told me that, turns out when I in Volzhsky have thrown on "Dances" a rack with the microphone into the hall, she has arrived to the person in the head (I, of course, was upset and I began to look for contacts of the guy that with him to communicate, ask forgiveness and to learn whether I can help something. In process, I at first have come across this article, and then have visited to it the vk page: there I have found a section photo on the head and dynamically developing срач in comments to him. The victim in the course of communication with other users has suggested that I throw the microphone into crowd because I "a drocha destiny", and have said that here supposedly next time the rack will arrive to someone in a temple, and I will go "to sup a skilly". Also Alexey Halstov (so his name is) intends to find video from a concert to contact police. I have mixed feelings. I.e., on the one hand, I am very sorry, and I, of course, am guilty though the evil intention in my actions and wasn't, and "to a droch destiny" I in order that people could sing together with us, and for my part it is act of trust of audience – to throw the microphone into the hall, assuming that then he will be returned, won't break, etc. All this is very lovely, in the theory, but when to you such shell arrives in the head, and you go to be covered with blood on a bar counter, here can be rather heavy with former enthusiasm to admire hardcore ideals, I understand. On the other hand, I observe now public behavior of the victim opposite to me which has claims, it seems, to me, but he, at the same time, doesn't try to contact me, and goes to complain to newspaper editorial office, живописуя as has heroically saved the wife from an aim throw of the actor murderer at a bloody concert, threatens with cops in social nets and posts photos with the trauma. Desire to communicate personally in this situation at me, for example, vanishes. Nevertheless, Alexey, I apologize. And personally a concert in Volgograd very much was pleasant to me, thank you huge for your support and warm reception! Protect, please, each other: help fallen in a moshpita, watch elbows in a slema, hold a foot above during kraud-surfing, and if something flies from a scene (for example, I), try to catch, please! #2куплетКор



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