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Nobel Peace Prize laureates became known

Nobel Peace Prize laureates became known
Denis Mukvege and Nadia Murad "for efforts in fight against sexual violence in zones of the military conflicts" became them. In Oslo Nobel Peace Prize laureates have been called. This year Denis Mukvege and Nadia Murad became its owners. Writes Washington Post about it. Since 1901, the award annually is handed to persons or the organizations for a contribution to consolidation of peace. Mukvege and Muradu's award was awarded with the following formulation: "for their efforts on the termination of use of sexual violence as weapon of war and armed conflicts". Denis Mukengere Mukvege is the founder and the director of hospital of Panzi. Provide medical care in him to women, victims of group rapes. They, in particular, regularly practiced insurgents during the conflict in Kivu (DR Congo). Nadia Murad Speak in a deep voice Taha is the Iraqi human rights activist. Activity her is intended to convey information on a precarious situation of the Yazidi women in the territory controlled by IS, to the international community. In 2014 Nadia Murad has fallen a victim of sexual slavery after prosecution by Islamists. However I could run and now lives in Germany. Earlier it was reported that Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry have been called. The award was divided among themselves by three scientists. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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