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Neo's role in a new Matrix will be played by the black actor

Instead of Keanu Rivzav of a new part of the movie Matritsarol Neo сыграетМайкл Bakary Jordan.
the Matrix instead of Keanu Reeves will play Neo's Role in a new part of the movie the black actor Michael Bakary Jordan, The Source reports.
Jordan is known on roles in movies the Black panther, the Fantastic Four, Krid: Rocca's heritage series Doctor House, Clan of the Soprano and others.
Is supposed that the start of shooting of the movie with the working name Project Ice Cream is planned for 2020 in Chicago.
Directors of a picture can become sisters Lana and Gilly Vachovski who shot the first film. we Will remind
, earlier Network Will Smith in Neo's image from the Matrix amused. At the same time the actor opened a reason for refusal of a leading role in the Matrix. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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