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Naval Forces have passed under Krymsky Bridge. Kiev builds base

Naval Forces have passed under Krymsky Bridge. Kiev builds base
The Ukrainian Korets and Donbass have passed "an exclusive economic zone" of Russia accompanied by the ships of FSB. Two Ukrainian ships have passed under Kerch the bridge, having become the main media event at the weekend. The search and rescue vessel Donbass and the sea Korets tow was accompanied by the strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force RC-135W. Ukraine has sent the ships from Odessa to Berdyansk within an initiative of creation of new naval base in the Sea of Azov. Kiev has also announced provocations Russian the ships and planes. Корреспондент.net tells details. Pass of the ships in the Sea of Azov on September 20 the search and rescue vessel A500 Donbass and the sea A830 tow Korets left from the Western naval base of Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa and направиись to Berdyansk where will become a basis of new naval base of the Ukrainian fleet on the Sea of Azov. Both korabl belong to auxiliary, but not fighting. The Donbass command ship of 1969 of construction till 2001 was a floating workshop. For a long time technical condition of the ship was unsuitable. But in 2010 he has undergone repair then has for the first time put out to sea on January 21, 2011 under the flag of VMSU. The Korets tow is constructed in 1973. The vessel Donbass is planned to be used for strengthening of infrastructure of the Ukrainian fleet on the Sea of Azov. On him placement of the headquarters of future base, the place for accommodation of the military personnel, warehouses and other necessary rooms which aren't in this region today is possible. The sea Korets tow is intended for towage and a kantovka of other vessels and floating constructions in the sea. On September 22 Donbass and Korets have passed along coast of the Crimea, in that part which Russia considers the "an exclusive economic zone". On September 23 the ships have passed under Kerchensky Bridge, constructed by Russia. Berdyansk towards to Donbass and Kortsu left small armored artillery boats of Naval Forces of Ukraine of Lubna P177 Kremenchuk and P178. They have been brought to Berdyansk at the beginning of September and already floated. The president Petro Poroshenko has congratulated an entry in the Sea of Azov of two Ukrainian warships and has explained the purpose of this raid. "I congratulate our warships... with an entry in the Sea of Azov. These vessels will become a part of new naval base of the Ukrainian fleet on Azov", - Poroshenko on has written to Facebook and has thanked crew for "faultlessly executed order". Three days before Poroshenko in the annual message has told the Verkhovna Rada that will remove from the Constitution of the country the norm fixing basing of the Navy of Russia in the Crimea. "After we will return the Crimea, the Russian base in Sevastopol will definitely not be", - the Ukrainian leader has said. Accompanied planes of the USA and Russia the Strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force Boeing RC-135W has made on September 23 several flights near the Kerch Strait when the ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine came into the Sea of Azov. RC-135W within several hours plied along the coast of the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. Naval Forces of AFU have accused Russia of creation of dangerous incidents - both in the sea, and in the sky. In сообщ



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