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National Geographic has shown the biggest fir-trees

fir-tree in Rio de Janeiro
Ten most festive trees by New year and Christmas. In height of New Year's and Christmas fir-trees many cities of the world compete, writes the National Geographic portal. At the same time the highest festive tree already which year remains a floating fir-tree in Rio de Janeiro. Height is her about 85 meters therefore the tree can be noticed without effort from any embankment of the city. After Rio as notes the edition, the fir-tree located in Grozny and a 46-meter tree in Krasnoyarsk has settled down. Not less impressive 44-meter fir-tree decorates Dortmund in Germany. The State of Arizona, a 33-meter design remains the highest fir-tree in the USA built in Phoenix. Slightly the main fir-tree of Russia at Red Square – 32 meters concedes to the American tree. As notes the edition, the best-known Christmas tree the fir-tree in New York (Rockefeller Building tree), and it despite the quite modest sizes in 24,3 meters at the moment is considered. In the world capitals New Year trees Similar growth are lit New Year's beauties of Prague (21,9 m) and Paris (21,3 m) have. The last that is remarkable, is decorated with the real Swarovski crystals. Closes rating a 21-meter fir-tree in Sydney which is established there in the summer for 78 years. We will remind, earlier in Kiev have also lit the main fir-tree of the country.



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