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NASA couldn't find the Opportunity mars rover after a storm

NASA couldn't find the Opportunity mars rover after a storm
Search of the device continues, however so far hasn't brought results. Rover has been lost because of a storm of planetary scale. On the Red planet after a dust storm the Opportunity mars rover has been lost. The local storm has expanded to the phenomenon of planetary scale and has covered rover. Since then representatives of the agency unsuccessfully try to find it. About it it is noted on the website of NASA. According to the edition, rover has been overtaken by a storm when was in the Valley of Persistence. Dust storms are frequent on Mars and most often occur in the summer when the planet approaches a perihelion (the orbit point, next to the Sun). Owing to evaporation of the frozen carbon dioxide the atmosphere is condensed and temperature increases. Because of it particles of dust rise above. As a result dust clouds can reach in height of 60 kilometers. It is known that last time the mars rover was covered by a storm in 2007. Then communication with him was gone for two weeks. However this time scales of a storm were much more. The mars rover during a storm has been transferred to the crisis mode. It has been made because rover eats from sobnechny batteries and for normal work they have to remain warm. However during a storm temperature of rover was minus of 29 degrees Celsius. It is known that the rover Opportunity has begun the mission on January 25, 2004. It was initially planned that he will work 93 Earth days. However as a result rover has worked more than 14 years. Earlier it was reported, the Opportunity mars rover was switched-off because of the powerful dust storm which has covered the Red planet. Also it was reported that the Curiosity mars rover has taken a selfie against the background of a sandstorm.



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