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Moscow destroyed a large consignment of sanctions cheeses and sausage

Moscow destroyed a large consignment of sanctions cheeses and sausage
In a warehouse found 72 grades of cheese and 30 grades of sausage from the European Union countries and also beef from the USA. In Moscow in one of warehouses found a large consignment of sanctions cheeses, sausage and meat. All import goods were destroyed. Rosselkhoznadzor on Friday, October 12 reports about it. It is noted that all 72 grades of cheese from Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands with a gross weight of 3,9 tons, 30 grades of sausage from Spain and Italy with a gross weight about 1,5 ton and also 12 kg of the cooled beef from the USA were found. Today all this production was destroyed on the special ground of waste in the Moscow region. Meat production was burned, and cheeses – crushed mechanically. Let's remind that Russia in August, 2014 entered embargo products from the countries which imposed sanctions against it. Under the ban meat, sausages, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruit, dairy products got. As of January, 2018 in Russia destroyed nearly 20 thousand tons of sanctioned products, mainly a phytogenesis. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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