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Metro, Fallout, Cyberpunk. And 25 more top games E3

Metro, Fallout, Cyberpunk. And 25 more top games E3
The main game giants EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Developer Digital, Square Enix, Ubisoft and Sony have presented continuations of cult games and a novelty. The exhibition of the industry of computer games Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 comes to an end on June 14. Press conferences of the chief game developers have already taken place. Корреспондент.net tells about the most interesting computer games presented on E3. EA Battlefield V this year have begun Electronic Arts with one of the main games - Battlefield V. At a conference the geympleyny trailer of the multiuser mode of a game has been shown. Expectations of many fans were met - in a game there will be a battle royale mode known on such games as PUBG and Fortnite. In one of an interview developers have noticed that a game won't have Season Pass or Premium Pass. In addition, at the IGN Live conference it has been shown the whole 14 minutes of a real gameplay of Battlefield V from the senior game designer of Dice. Also, during a gameplay Daniel Berlin has reported that in a game there will be no lutboks giving advantage to the player. They will contain only cosmetic additions. The release of a game is planned for October 19, 2018. Besides, EA have allowed to try a game to video bloggers. One of them has noted an excellent razrushayemost in a game, than and last parts and also some geympleyny counters are known - for example, firing lying on a back. Existence in a game of the Champions League was FIFA 19 Main difference from the predecessor - EA at last have acquired the rights for her. Date of an exit typical for a series of FIFA - on September 29. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Battlefront II: War of clones of Battlefront II After the loud premieres the company has decided to present a new game from a series of Star Wars - Jedi Fallen Orde. The Jedi will be the main character, and action of a game will be developed between III and IV episodes. The only thing that have told about War of clones - it will be addition to already existing Battlefront II. Will add new cards and characters, such as Anakin Skywalker and Ob Van Kenobi. However, that for the first that for the second game any teaser was shown, without speaking about a gameplay. Action Anthem play games in the future in the world "left by gods" which have left behind heavy-duty instruments of management of the planet for which fight will be conducted. The planet, is inhabited by various monsters and is subject to constant cataclysms. Developers promise lack of lutboks, but despite it to Donat - to be. But here the same situation, as well as with Battlefield V - any objects giving advantage, only visual content is! Developers promise not to give up the game and to add to it more and more new content after release. Besides stories, of course, have shown two trailers - one cinematic, the second - geympleyny. Microsoft Halo: Infinite after the EA conference acted Next day as Microsoft. We will pay attention that all games going on the personal computer are suitable only for Windows 10. The company has preferred to begin with Halo: Infinite. So far the game isn't known, except a trailer



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