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Mastershef 8: to watch online the 20th release of a show

The master Shef the 8th season to watch online the 20th release
On Wednesday, October 31, on the website Корреспондент.net there will be the twentieth release of the culinary show Mastershef the 8th season. In him it will be possible to see most "high fight of black aprons. The twentieth release of the large-scale culinary show Matsershef will take place the 8th season with thoughts of high. To inspire participants and to adjust them on a necessary wave Hector Jiménez-Bravo will even read him verses. But it will be heavy to contestants to think of poetry when they, literally, mount each other upon a neck. In the 20th release of the show Mastreshef the 8th season there will take place one more unusual fight of black aprons. National culinary specialists should try to reach a plate and products. All necessary will be placed on high curbstones to which it is possible to get only, having climbed up to other participant shoulders. There will be falling and nerves, inconvenient and very inconvenient situations. Which of contestants will fall down, and to whom without his desire will make an egg mask for hair and a face – you look on Wednesday, 10/31/2018, at Корреспондент.net. In the 19th release Mastershef the 8th season participants have participated in the traditional competition Mole. Each participant came into the room and learned whether the fate of the wrecker has got to him. Teams had to calculate a mole and not allow him to spoil a dish. Not all managed it – team red have coped with a task, and from all "blue", except a mole allocate black aprons. Mastershef the 8th season to watch the 20th release online: Also participants have played the culinary version of monopoly. For Darinki Tsokalo this buttle was especially difficult because Ivan Malinovich has declared to the girl war and as a result she has received a black apron. Whether Darinka and other participants of fight of black aprons will be able to cope with unusual test to remain in a show, you watch in the 20th release Mastershef the 8th season. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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