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Mastershef-7: to watch the 23rd release online from 11/14/2017

Mastershef 7 - release 23
This release has aired on November 14, 2017. Mastershef-7 - a fascinating culinary show with the assistance of cooks amators in which participants should overcome difficult but interesting competitions, to perform extraordinary tasks, to compete and help each other and also to try to show not only the talents in the field of cooking, but also uncommon sharpness. Mastershef-7, release 23, a part 1 Participants are divided into teams, each of which needs to prepare on one classical dish. To what - will prompt ingredients. Mastershef-7, release 23, part 2 Participants continue to perform a task. However, despite the seeming simplicity of test, doesn't do without difficulties. What to do if the dish constantly burns down? Mastershef-7, release 23, a part 3 Judges elect captains of teams who will have to explain to other participants the recipe of a dish. However - without words. And here it is necessary to show remarkable acting skills... Mastershef-7, the release 23, part 4 New test is fight of black aprons as a result of which it will become clear who should remain and to whom - to leave a show. Mastershef-7, release 23, part 5 Earlier the Correspondent.netsoobshchal that in Network video of release 22 culinary shows Mastershef-7 has been published.



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