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Mask has told about tremendous two-engined Tesla

All-wheel drive modification with all options, not including installation of the autopilot, 78 thousand dollars will cost. The founder of Tesla Elon Musk has told about development of all-wheel drive option of the Model 3 car which will be equipped with two engines. Musk called an impression of driving this car "tremendous". In a series of posts on Twitter Musk has told about characteristics of the car and its price, RBC reports.

according to him, all-wheel drive Model 3 in 3,5 seconds will disperse to the speed of 60 miles per hour (96 km/h), her maximum speed will be nearly 250 km/h, and accumulator charging will be enough for 500 kilometers. all-wheel drive modification with all options, not will Cost to

including installation of the autopilot, 78 thousand dollars. "Almost as much, how many BMW M3, but is 15 percent faster also with the best controllability. On the route will bypass all in this class", - Musk has written. ​

He has also explained that the two-engined scheme assumes placement of one engine in a forward part of the car, and the second - in back. One of engines is optimized for ensuring high dynamic characteristics of the car, another - for as it is possible a bigger run between recharge. Bloomberg predicts fast bankruptcy of Tesla of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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