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Loft in Ukrainian

Loft in Ukrainian
How to create the stylish loft for life by means of the Ukrainian furniture and how many for this purpose it will be required money. Such type of housing as the loft among Ukrainians is especially popular today. And this popularity is explainable: minimum of capital investments, possibility of the independent organization of space, stylish and fashionable interior. Why type? – yes because style surely we can't call, loft is simply the attic, "apartments from above" or a dovecot. As it not sad to realize it, but Ukrainians needed more than 50 years to learn about such direction in registration of an interior, to understand him and to decide on realization (Americans already in the 40th have undertaken to make habitable the thrown warehouses, shops and manufactories). And one of the first the loft was chosen by bohemia: artists and architects, designers and sculptors transformed the workshops to inhabited spaces. Behind them also those who wanted to refuse from banal and standard were brought up. Now to create illusion of uninhabited space, imitating the attic of the plant or the abandoned factory shop, all who feel like it have undertaken, even on 15 squares of a living space. The loft loves freedom in everything: open planning where also a lot of air, combination old with new, well and, of course, the guaranteed possibility of creative experiments isn't enough partitions. But special value in the loft is played by details which the room has inherited from antecedents: pipes, ventilation and old finishing of walls and ceiling. If there are no those in the available space, designers recommend to create similar lines artificially. But special attention should be paid on furniture for the loft spaces: freedom in her choice – the next charm. Solid wood and plywood, metal and stainless steel – here aren't present restrictions both in materials, and in stylistic preferences. Doesn't demand the loft and enormous budgets in this connection the Ukrainian designers give preference to domestic brands and producers of furniture and also local workshops. We have tried to create three "Ukrainian" lofts, using pieces of furniture only of domestic production, but different monetary segments, making a start from a type of their owners. Lately owners of apartments give to loftovy stylistics or a garret format of registration of spaces preference that lease apartments. And their decision is completely justified, Provence or art deco can envy universality of the loft, and the practicality and convenience of an interior should pay tribute. As show observations and experience creation of furniture ensemble one-room студио will require about 30 thousand UAH. Here, as the similar interior looks (about nuances of his registration read here: Loft in Ukrainian. Option No. 1 – basic). The loft is pleasant to people young, modern, striving for freedom and continuous development. Ukrainians prefer similar stylistics both in the barchelor status, and at a stage of formation of young family. And in this case owners of apartments are ready to give for furniture in an interior of the first personal living space about 75 thousand hryvnias. It is put



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