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Lawyer Ronaldo: Documents on the case of rape were fabricated

Lawyer Ronaldo: Documents on the case of rape were fabricated
The lawyer insists that Ronaldo did not rape Mayorgu. The lawyer of the forward of Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo, Peter Christiansen, commented on business in which the player is accused of rape of the American model of Catherine Mayorgi. "Documents in which Ronaldo allegedly admits rape — a clean invention. It is a planned action on discredit of my client. It is constructed on the stolen and easily manipulated digital documents. By 2015 dozens of legal entities, including law firms, in different parts of Europe were attacked, and their electronic data were stolen by the cybercriminal. This hacker tried to sell this information, and one of editions irresponsibly published some stolen documents which considerable part was reversed and/or fabricated. Once again, in order to avoid doubts: Ronaldo's position remains former – what happened to him in 2009 in Las Vegas, was made by mutual consent", - the lawyer told. Let's remind, Catherine Mayorga's model accused Ronaldo of rape which allegedly the football player committed in 2009 in Las Vegas. The girl told that then the Portuguese paid her for silence, but now she told all polices which began investigation. Ronaldo denies everything and says that it is a way to be promoted on his name.



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