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Kylie Jenner became a goddess in the clip by the boyfriend

Kylie Jenner became a goddess in the clip by the boyfriend
The role of the deity of Jenner has played in the clip of the loved Tr¾vis Scott. In a roller she appears in image of the shining woman with the innocent person. The rapper of Travis Scott has shot the new video on the track Stop Trying to Be God from a new album Astroworld. In a roller the singer has also removed the beloved – Kylie Jenner. The clip has been published on an official channel of Travis Scott VEVO. Jenner appears in several episodes of a roller. The star is dressed in a gold brilliant dress, and her skin radiates gold light. On hands the star holds a lamb who begins to sing by Travis's voice. The reference point in the clip plays at first the shepherd of sheep, then gets out of an infernal flame and christens parishioners in aquapark and will organize an apocalypse. The roller has collected two days nearly four million viewings. We will remind the American model of Kylie Jenner recently I have given rise, and the photo of her daughter has collected 15 million in a day. Earlier Kylie Jenner has acted in a bathroom in stockings and a wig of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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