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Krasyuk: About everything have agreed with Hearn in 20 minutes

Krasyuk: About everything have agreed with Hearn in 20 minutes
Alexander Krasyuk designated date and the place of a duel Usik - Bellew. The all-around champion of the world in heavy weight Alexander Usik will meet British Tony Bellew in London on November 10. The Ukrainian's promoter Alexander Krasyuk has told about it and about impressions of negotiations with Tony Bellew's prosouter by Eddie Hearn. "We have agreed that Usik will box against Tony Bellew on November 10 in London. And it will be fight on which game there will be all four champion belts of Alexander. Both boxers want this duel. It is also the main thing that allows already us quietly and purposefully to work on the organization of this fight. Negotiations with Hearn? Such impression that talked with himself. We have a small age difference therefore we have begun to understand each other at once. This is the person of a new formation of promoters. He with irony treats to old guard of promoters which still contracts send by fax. Hearn very accurately realizes that a new method of earning in boxing, it not to deceive and steal, and to accumulate and increase. It was very interesting to listen to his vision of the strategy of development for boxing as business. However, as well as his views of work with TV channels and advance of boxers. At the same time, he had no veiled some messages. Everything is short, opened and it is clear. In twenty minutes we have defined the joint purpose and ways of the movement to her, and the rest of the time shared impressions of events in the world of boxing and exchanged experience. Next day have met have summed up the results of yesterday's negotiations, have distributed the plan of the solution of questions, have offered each other hands and have begun work. He has very progressive views of work, he isn't afraid to experiment and do something new and to risk. And his main principle – not to be greedy. Good boxers cost good money. And Eddie is famous for ability to generate the necessary sums and it is correct to distribute them. It also distinguishes his work from work of other his colleagues preferring to fill the pocket with the main profit, leaving to boxers and their teams of the baby. You know that seven years ago the boxing in Britain died. TV companies paid ridiculous money which wasn't enough for the fees for boxers. Now the situation has changed. And the center of world boxing is gradually displaced to Great Britain. In America promoters just don't want to change, first of all mentally. In their work there is a certain algorithm which at the very least works, here and all right. Say, why to repair what works. And actually, – earning the most effective rule itself, let's earn by another. And it is applicable not only to a promouterstvo in boxing, but also to any business in any sphere", - Krasyuk in interview has told. Earlier it was reported that according to Eddie Hearn, fight Usik - Bellew will take place in London, Manchester or Liverpool. Subscribe also for our page about boxing in Telegram!



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