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Klitschko: I didn't love boxing passionately, I just wanted to travel

The legendary boxer has told what problems he has faced after career ending. The two-time world champion in a super heavyweight Vladimir Klitschko has shared a story about what has led him to prize-fighting. "I thought that when I leave professional sport, I will have more free time. But everything has turned out with an accuracy opposite. I also thought what well to a smog will be prepared for the second career, but a lot of things as it has appeared, have underestimated. I not the one whom I was in a ring. Preparing for fight and leaving in a ring, you become a person, with a set of qualities for a victory over the specific opponent. So left that I have taken myself a role of the professional boxer. But I wasn't born him. I just wanted to travel, and the sport for me was only the tool. I didn't love him passionately. My brother is Vitaly is a born fighter. He always actively was engaged in martial arts - karate, kickboxing and boxing. He was that by whom it is created, since the birth. I have been forced to make it. I just wanted to learn the world.

Till 2004 I really didn't love boxing. I just did what did always. I have set a goal – to become the Olympic champion. I have reached it. Then I have passed in professionals. I was 20 years old, and prize-fighting with all his delights and difficulties, was already near: there were unexpectedly promoters, contracts, awards for knockouts. I have thought: it doesn't exist. I didn't represent it even in the most courageous dreams. And yes, then I didn't think of love for sports. I just worked hard and have achieved success", - Klitschko quotes Earlier the manager Klitschko has commented on a possibility of return of the Ukrainian to a ring. Subscribe also for our page about boxing in Telegram!



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