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Klimkin instructed Zelensky on the Hungarian question

The Foreign Minister explained to the new president of Ukraine as it is possible to settle the conflict with Hungary. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin says that he during the meeting with the president Vladimir Zelensky told him about those actions which need to be made to improve the relations between Ukraine and Hungary. He reported about it in the interview to the edition the Left coast published on Tuesday, May 21. From the point of view of the minister, in the situation which developed with Hungary there is also a wine of the Ukrainian side. "We need very simple thing: that Hungarians remained both the Ukrainian citizens, and Hungarians, without changing the identity. For this purpose it is necessary that they knew Ukrainian and understood in what country are", - Klimkin noted. According to him, "to go is further to run into the megaconflict with Hungary". "There is a sequence of steps which Hungary has to make, and there are things which we have to make - and then the conflict can be settled", - the minister considers. Let's note, the day before Zelensky met the president of Hungary Janos Ader who called negotiations encouraging. Let's remind, the conflict between Budapest and Kiev erupted in 2017 after adoption of law of Ukraine On education which determines Ukrainian by the basic in educational process.

In September, 2018 a situation became aggravated after in media there was video on which citizens of Ukraine in the Hungarian consulate in Beregovo receive the Hungarian passports. At the same time in exchange for the oath of fidelity of Hungary they are urged to suppress this fact from the Ukrainian authorities.

In April of this year Budapest called unacceptable the law on language adopted by the Verkhovna Rada which assigns to Ukrainian the status of the only thing state. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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