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Jodie Foster's return: Hotel Artemis soon at movie theaters

Film premieres of week what movies to watch at movie theaters of Ukraine?
The chief prime ministers of cinema in Kiev and Ukraine in a week on August 20-26. A fantasy "Alpha" and the fighter "22 miles" Since August 23, 2018 at cinema it is possible to look at three new premieres: the fantastic fighter "Alpha", the thriller "Artemis Hotel from Oscar-winning Jodie Foster in a leading role, the fighter "22 miles" with Mark Wahlberg as the CIA agent. "Alpha" the Movie the Alpha in movie theaters / photo: Genre: fantastic fighter Rezhisser: Albert Hughes Actors: Cody Smith-McPhee, Leonore Varela, Nastasia to Malta Cold and uncomfortable... Earth was such more than 20 thousand years ago. Our planet was very dangerous to people: almost continually they were waited by danger. Ancient people were hunters, as well as the main character. Guy representative of the tribe advanced for those times. Once he will appear absolutely one, and before him there will be a task to survive and come back home. The guy should meet the fears and to overcome them. The guy doesn't know that the fate of mankind perhaps depends on his actions. "Artemis hotel "Artemis Hotel in movie theaters / photo: Genre: thriller Rezhisser: Drew Pierce Aktery: Стерлінг K. Brown, Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum In fast time Los Angeles will turn into a lawlessness nursery. Criminals go from all corners of America here to get to secret hospital where the severe Nurse works. It is also "Hotel" Artemis". Once two new clients accidentally bring into hospital of the new clubman who was the criminal leader. He has appeared in Artemis not just like that: he needs to find the stolen thing. But how to work, in an institution it is impossible to bring weapon. The movie - the first in five years in which the leading role was played by the winner of "Oscar" Jodie Foster. "22 miles" the Movie "22 miles" in movie theaters / photo: Genre: fighter Rezhisser: Peter Bergh Aktery: Mark Wahlberg, Ronda Rauzi, Iko Uwais the CIA agent from special confidential division "Ghosts" works in Indonesia. He has a responsible task - to bring to the airport of the important witness on one very serious business: about political corruption. To the plane he needs to pass some 22 miles. But they will be deadly, many don't want that the witness has given accusatory evidences. Travelers are waited by traps which are placed by the armed enemies. News from the in Telegram. Subscribe for our channel of News from the in Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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