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Italy sells the medieval castle with the village

The estate, in one and a half hours' journey from Rome, is one of the most picturesque in the country. In Italy the Umbria castle Dee Sismano, with a total area of 850 hectares is offered for sale. The medieval estate is wanted to be sold for 8,3 million, Bloomberg tells. The edition reports that the estate within 1054 years belonged to the noble Florentine family Korsini. Besides the lock it also includes fields, the woods, pastures, 18 acres of olive groves, 17 farmer grounds and also seven country houses. It is reported that the lock Dee Sismano is located in one and a half hours' journey from the capital of Italy. Representatives of the agency on the real estate say that not all territory of the lock is offered for sale. The buyer will receive in the order sentry and hour towers and also two lodges for guests, local restaurant and two garages. It is reported that the representative of a family of great antiquity Korsini used only a small part of the lock in recent years, being content with a modest way of life. Thus, potential owners have to be ready that it is necessary to make many investments as him it is impossible to call a state satisfactory in the lock. However, according to the edition, the price in 8,3 million - rather small if it is about housing, worthy the real prince. Earlier the Correspondent.netsoobshchal that the house of the founder of Playboy has been offered for sale "together" with its owner.



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