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Increase in prices for gas will save Ukraine from a default – Groysman

The size of an external debt of Ukraine doesn't allow to lower tariffs for the cost of energy resources at the moment. the Prime minister Vladimir Groysman has explained to
need of increase in prices for gas for the population. According to him if not to make it, then Ukraine is waited by a default.
the Country needs to enter foreign markets, to be loaned up and reduce percent, the head of the government has explained.

of Vklyuchenn on каналі "_nter": We were thrown in a seryozna to a borgov a hole. Obviously, що an ekonom_ka of the zrost є, Alya at us on shoulders taky Borg, yaky ми самі not можемо viplatit. A vikhodita occasional office on зовнішні rinka, перекредитовуватися, zmenshuvat of a v_dsotka. — Volodymyr Groysman (@VGroysman) on September 7, 2018
"I the first reducing the prices of resources. But failure to meet requirements will put Ukraine on a default side. We want crisis? I am not the crisis prime minister, I anti-recessionary", – Groysman on air of one of TV channels in the evening on September 7 has said.

Ya of pershiya for those, ab of a zmenshuvata of a ts_na on a resource. Alya Nevikonannya вимог to deliver to Ukra§n on a boundary to a default. Mi Hochemo crisis? I not krizoviya pry' єр, I am antikrizoviya. I зроблю all ab of a zakhistita of people, znizit інфляцію і зростання real доходів. — Volodymyr Groysman (@VGroysman) of
Increase in tariffs is on September 7, 2018 the main requirement International currency фондадля granting the new credit which is necessary for Ukraine to pay off for saved up from 2005 to 2013 are long. we Will remind
, according to the forecast the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, gas price in 2018 can grow by 18%. At the best of scenarios gas for Ukrainians will cost 8268 hryvnias for thousand CBM, at the worst – nearly 11000 hryvnias. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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