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In the USA iPhone ceases to work with two SIM cards

In the USA iPhone ceases to work with two SIM cards
Problems have arisen at one of the American operators of mobile network. The company promises to correct malfunctions. eSim ceases to work for owners of the new dual SIM iPhones using services of Verizon operator. PCMag reports about it. Owners of iPhone XS and XR can't use the second SIM card. Besides, they can't go online and transfer data. Malfunctions have arisen only at Verizon operator. At control of a tariff for an electronic sim card - eSim, iPhone automatically switches to the 2G-Internet. It makes use of network almost impossible. The company has said that closely cooperate with Apple and promise to correct a problem in the next months. Recently iPhones have opened without password by means of Siri. The cunning way of breaking was shown on video. Earlier producers have told that the iPhone XS camera won't take a selfie "too beautiful". News from Cora spondent.netv Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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