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In Lego have created James Bond's car

The company on creation of designers has produced the Aston Matin DB5 model. By such car there went James Bond in one of movies. In Lego have created the exact copy of a car from Bondiana. Aston Matin DB5 created in the form of the designer, appeared in the movie Goldfinger of 1956. By him there went the main character - James Bond. Set with the sports car has gone on free sale with the price in 146 euros. The designer is very difficult in assembly.
in Network has appeared Recently the first trailer of animation of Lego. The movie 2 Sizes of a car of 10 by 34 cm, it in scale 1:8 with the real Aston Matin. In a set of 1290 cubes and details. He treats the Lego Technic series that testifies to the high level of complexity of the designer. Also the model of a car is equipped with the radar, the turning registration plates, two machine guns and armor from bullets. Earlier in Israel have constructed the highest tower of News Lego from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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