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In Kiev for 2017 1 734 000 sq.m of housing have been handed over

In Kiev for 2017 1 734 000 sq.m of housing have been handed over
According to the MOON now in the capital of 714 new buildings, together with Kiev region this number makes 1326. New projects of housing estates appear every week. It seems that Kiev is under construction very quickly. But how to count it? How to learn rates of building of the city? Experts of the MOON have aimed to find a concrete indicator which would answer these questions. "We have an access to large volumes of data on the real estate market of Ukraine: from the prices for m" to statistics of ready houses on each builder. When we have decided to measure what rates the city is under construction, have understood that the most noticeable indicator of the movement of construction it is possible to call working cranes. Yes, it is possible to count everything the territories protected with a stroyzabor, but it doesn't mean that behind this fence something is really built. It is possible to count quantity of housing estates, but in one ZhK 7 houses can be planned, and only one really is under construction. If there is a working crane — building moves, and the more cranes, the house is under construction quicker. Therefore the number of active cranes — an important indicator of speed of construction and a concrete housing estate, and Kiev in general" — comment in the MOON. A new indicator in the MOON call "The index of cranes" and plan to measure regularly. The third month in a row press photographers of the MOON go round all buildings of Kiev and area and consider construction cranes. In August there were 372 working cranes, and in September — 352. Except total of the MOON notes concrete buildings on which the number of cranes has changed. It is so possible to trace what ZhK pass into a stage of active building (the number of cranes increases), what construction comes to an end or passes to a final stage (the number of cranes decreases), what building is ended or suspended (there are no active cranes). As of September of the MOON gives such statistics on ZhK: Buildings on which the number of cranes has increased: ✓ ZhK Tradition 1 crane ✓ ZhK the Galaxy 1 crane ✓ ZhK Taryan Towers 1 crane ✓ ZhK the French quarter 2 1 crane ✓ ZhK Osv_ti, 14 1 crane ✓ ZhK Edelweiss House 1 crane ✓ ZhK Baggoutovsky 1 crane ✓ ZhK Mirax 1 crane ✓ ZhK Urban Park 1 crane ✓ Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaydak) St., 101, the house 31 1 the crane ✓ ZhK Welcome Home on Stetsenko 1 crane ✓ ZhK Svyatobor 1 crane ✓ ZhK LAKE HOUSE 1 crane ✓ ZhK Svitlo Park 1 crane ✓ ZhK Eureka 1 crane ✓ the Residential area of Rybalsky 1 crane ✓ ZhK the Hem Vintage Hail 1 crane ✓ the Club house of "Podilsky" 1 crane of Building by whom the number of cranes has increased. The number of cranes decreases generally because construction passes to a closing stage. ✘ ZhK Zarechny –1 crane ✘ ZhK the Swan –1 crane ✘ ZhK Comfort the Town –1 crane ✘ ZhK PARKLAND –1 crane ✘ ZhM Patriotika –2 crane ✘ ZhK Boulevard of Fountains –1 crane ✘ ZhK Novopechersky Kvartal No. 5 – 1 crane ✘ ZhK Vudstoriya-1 the crane ✘ ZhK RiverStone –1 crane ✘ ZhK Seven-2 the crane ✘ ZhK Park lakes –1 crane ✘ ZhK the Forest fairy tale –1 crane ✘ Evgen Malanyuk (Sagaydak) St., 101 - 1 cranes ✘ ZhK Rusanovskaya Gavan –1 crane ✘ ZhK Fayna Taun-3 the crane ✘ ZhK LaLaLand –1 crane ✘ ZhK Pektoral –1 crane ✘ ZhK A



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