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In Kiev brightly there took place the festival of sports poker PokerMatch UA Millions

In 11 days of the international series in Khreshchatyk hotel 14 trophies were played, hundreds of athletes participated in tournaments, and the finals were for the first time sent live In Kiev the international series of tournaments on sports poker of PokerMatch UA Millions which passed from May 9 to May 19 in the grand hall of Khreshchatyk hotel with assistance of All-Ukrainian federation of sports poker came to the end. As organizers of the UA Millions and PokerMatch series told, in 11 days 14 trophies and more than 12 million hryvnias prize-winning were played. Thousands of athletes from around the world participated in tournaments. Except Ukrainian owners representatives of Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Russia, Italy, France, Turkey, the USA, Georgia, Greece and other countries fought for titles. Record by quantity of inputs of steel the championship of Ukraine on sports poker and also the PokerMatch Millions and Khreschatyk Poker Open tournaments which collected in total nearly 2.500 entrances! Let's note also that winners of two top tournaments — PokerMatch Millions and Hold’Em Big — became the players selected in them in the online satellite on PokerMatch. Trophies were taken by Maxim Lavrov and Vladislav Lutsishin.

the second large trophy was won on series by the participant of the national team of Ukraine on sports poker and the owner of the Cup of the Nations Vladimir Drokin who became the strongest in the Khreschatyk Poker Open tournament. Also players from Belarus, Russia and Azerbaijan became winners of title tournaments along with athletes from Ukraine. Besides, active part in events of a series was taken by PokerMatch ambassador Olga Ermolcheva and Alexey Durnev and also participants of team of streamers of PokerMatch. For the first time in the history of a series decisive fights could be watched final tables on PokerMatch channels on YouTube and Twitch. During a series thousands of the viewers looked at 27 hours of the air of poker broadcastings. According to organizers, the new stage of the PokerMatch UA Millions series is planned to be carried out in the summer. The place and exact dates will become known later. Read also: To Negrean and Leatherman celebrated a poker wedding of year



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