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In Florence cafes fined for concealment of the price from the client

Institution was fined 2 thousand euros for concealment of the price of ice cream from the visitor. Similar schemes of fraud became popular in the city. In Florence the offended tourist called the police because sold him ice cream for 25 euros. Daily Mail reports about it. The tourist from Taiwan decided to order ice cream in one of institutions of Florence. When to it sounded the price in 25 euros, he refused to pay. The Italian guide, having learned about a situation, called the police. As a result an institution was fined 2 thousand euros for concealment of the actual prices from buyers.
the Representative of police emphasized that it is a widespread problem in the city recently. And it spoils the general opinion on the city as tourists suffer from similar fraud generally. Earlier in Florence detained tourists for the drawn heart on the bridge of the 14th century. The law enforcement authority wrote out to Australians a fine of 3 thousand euros. Also it was reported that to tourists in Florence forbade to eat on streets of the downtown. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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